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Pre-Contract Negotiations

Prior to an Agreement for Services, our 360-degree perspective and experience will provide support during negotiations. These are business activities which require listening skills, building relationships, incorporating effective strategies and building on realistic Financial and Professional Service delivery objectives. Our engagement will absolutely include complementing legal reviews with the Owner’s Architectural firm and other members among the design team. Generally, recommendations will focus on duty, timing, scoping, deliverables, language preferences, due diligence oversight, cautionary issues, and will help define inter-consultant operational roles and responsibilities.

Design Phase Activities

There isn’t a perfect set of documents as each project is unique. We know that design intent evolves through Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Design Development and Construction Documents. This sequencing is the opportunity to integrate jurisdictional requirements, agency rules and procedures, products, systems, and budgetary targets into the design intent. History is a proven indicator that the appropriate time for QA/QC is at 50% CD’s and/or is immediately before permitting. The documents’ “risk/benefit test” will be best served by a neutral third party who has professionally been exposed to and factually opined regarding unsuccessfully flawed documents of all building types, project complexities and methods of delivery. So, the benefits of our Peer Review are:

  • Providing oversight of Architect/Owner’s individual consultant’s roles and intra cross-responsibilities, to ensure efficiency and clear lines of processing information on behalf of the design team.
  • Providing global document assessments suggesting changes through contractual agreements, general conditions, detail coordination, building code and technical review, with an opportunity to make adjustments before defects, deficiencies and/or omissions.
  • Providing possible minimization of liability causation issues down the road regarding project Delays, Re-Work, RFI’s, Change Directives, and/ or Change Orders.
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